I offer services for clients at every level of experience, and each estimate is created based on your individual project so you can get the attention and help you need.


Product & Fashion Design

Conceptual prototyping is a unique service I offer to bring complex designs and functional products to reality. I create a prototype of the product or garment out of various materials to convey the concepts or ideas that are in your head. This visual representation is a building block to your development. It helps you and your team communicate the aspects of the design to move forward with brainstorming and hashing out the features of the product.

Technical Design

Technical sketches are flat sketches of your garment or product with design call outs to show features and specifications of your designs. This could be a pleat, special stitch, desired measurement, etc. Technical specifications include desired measurements taken from a fit model or existing products. The tech pack bundles the directions, specifications and expectations for your product while it is being worked on by partnering contractors. Your tech pack will be used by your pattern maker, sample sewer, manufacturer, etc.

Fittings & Product Review Sessions

When you are skilled at making apparel, you can see the pattern, technical or sewing issues of garments when they are on the body. Often the best products come from finding what isn't working in sampling and applying technical solutions to bring out the best the product has to offer. I work with your team and your fit model to review the samples, follow the specifications, check the work and determine if there any necessary improvements in fit, function or design for next the samples.



Over the years, I have seen many mistakes and success stories from designers of all experience levels and product types. Throughout the development and production process, there are many moving parts which creates many opportunities for issues or problems. I use my past experiences and knowledge to anticipate and avoid these issues. I also offer resolutions to development issues for the most efficient and effective solution.


Sometimes background information is needed to achieve the best products for your brand. This research may include analyzing competitor products, determining your target market, finding application processes for technical components, or even trend research for your new designs.

Textile Print Design

Sometimes you can't find the exact print you want for your products or you want to create your own special textile print. I have created textile prints for small business and corporations such as Sears, Kmart and White House Black Market.