"Jessica consulted and guided our product launch from post-design phase through final fittings and production, bringing our designer's work to life and serving as a guide throughout each phase of the project. She worked closely with Fibre's Creative Director on refining our products and improving construction, durability and fit while keeping an eye to costs while retaining the spirt and impact of our designs. Her interaction with and management of the manufacturers throughout the production was equally as valuable helping us to bring our products to market through a very tight timeline. Jess is a consummate professional whose positive energy, confidence, creative input and strondg management of vendors during a very busy and challenging time was key to our success." - Steve Sullivan, Fibre Athletics

"Jess has been awesome to work with while developing AMMO Athletic. She's been a trusted hand with our tech design (our tech pack was widely commended by factories), and has worked with us through a tricky factory situation. Any designers looking for an experienced pro would be well served with Jess' advice." - Jason Cellura, AMMO ATHLETIC

Jessica came into Crescendo as a consultant to help with some ongoing production challenges. I learned why we were having so many problems and decided that Jessica had a skill set in Technical Design and Production Management that was greatly lacking in my Fashion Designer. Jessica is such a conscientious worker and takes responsibility and ownership for the the tasks assigned to her. She inherited a big mess and worked tirelessly to correct it and create systems so that we would be in a better position in the future. She is great at anticipating problems and proposing solutions. Along with being extremely detail oriented, she is an excellent researcher. Jessica's passion for excellence and fashion industry expertise would make her a great addition to any team.- Katheryn McKechnie, Crescendo Apparel